Employability Skills

Employability Skills are skills that apply across a variety of jobs and life contexts. They are sometimes referred to as Key Skills, Core Skills, Life Skills, Essential Skills or Key Competencies. These are defined as “Skills required not only to gain employment, but also to progress within an enterprise so as to achieve one’s potential and contribute successfully to enterprise strategic directions.”

There are eight Employability Skills: Communication, Team-work, Problem-solving, Initiative & Enterprise, Planning & Organizing, Self-management, Learning and Technology. These can be broadly divided under 4 fields: Aptitude, Communicative Phonetics, Technical and Soft Skills.

BKN offers a variety of modules for Employability Skills depending on the needs of the individual. Some of the Modules include: PFGJ (Contact Program for Selection in Govt. Jobs), PFCJ (Contact Program for Selection in Corporate Jobs), PFAJ (Contact Program for Selection in Academic Jobs), Interview Module, GD Module, Resume Module, Phonetics Module, Off-Beat Courses like MATLAB, SPSS & Advanced Excel; Workshops in HR Skills, Faculty


Aptitude: Over 75% of the world’s Employers use Aptitude Tests as part of their recruitment process. It basically consists of six dimensions: Information Processing, Verbal Fluency, Memory Retention, Spatial Attention, Quantitative Reasoning and Multitasking. Seven parameters are analyzed for each of the six dimensions: Cognitive Intelligence, Engagement, Fluid Intelligence, Neuroplasticity, Novelty, Reaction Time and Working Memory.

Communicative Phonetics:

Communication has become much wider in sense than only sharing thoughts and information. Effective Communication with correct usage is not only vital in getting a good job; but also in other routines like in handling Conflict or drawing Promotions. This module deals specifically in the art of Effective Listening, Speaking, Reading & Writing apart from Body language and non-verbal communication.


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